Get Strong Tower Ministries’ signature devotional! All about finding purpose and living a bold life in Jesus, this devotional will grow your faith and meet you in your struggle to discover God’s plan for you.


-10 chapters of Biblical guidance

-Study questions

-Relatable and practical challenges

-Real life stories from a girl who’s been there

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Are you short on time in the mornings? Or maybe you’re a little lost on how to dig deeper into your Bible reading?

I’ve created this handy little resource to help you get the most out of your Bible study in just minutes!

Using only your Bible and a highlighter or pen, learn how to turn any passage of scripture into a quick and easy, 10 minute devotional!


-Simple, four step guide

-Devotional questions that fit any passage of scripture



Are you a little stuck when it comes to praying? Maybe God intimidates you. Or maybe you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing.

There’s no exact formula on how to pray. But in Matthew 6:5-13, Jesus gives us a few tips on what to include in our prayers.

This guide breaks praying down into easy-to-follow steps, allowing you to improve your prayer life and start growing closer to Jesus today!


-Prayer outline

-(4) Pre-written prayers for when feeling distant from God, needing guidance, having anxiety, and feeling depressed



Are you choosing the words you say to your partner wisely? Do you speak life into them each day?

Our words have the power to build up or tear down. That goes for each other’s spirits and our relationships!

Tailored specifically for the different needs of men and women, use this couple’s devotional to learn alongside your partner how to best love each other with your words!


-Learning guide for her

-Learning guide for him

-Reality check quiz

-Discussion questions



Do you struggle with anxiety? Do you long for freedom from the exhausting and overwhelming chains of fear?

The Bible has a lot to say about being afraid and how to overcome it. God wants more for your life than constant fear!

This five day study breaks down exactly what fear is, what God says about it, and practical steps to overcome it!

Take back your life and your mind by receiving God’s deliverance from anxiety!


-Five day devotional with a verse for each day

-Practical tips for overcoming anxiety based on Godly truths