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2 Comforting Lessons for the Worrier

Raise your hand if you tend to worry a lot… *begrudgingly raises hand* Yeah, that’s me! I know what it’s like to have swimming thoughts, feelings of anxiety, and constant worries filling my head. As much as I hate it, I jump to anxious “what-if” scenarios fueled from fear instead of looking for a positive outcome.

If you’re reading this, then I assume you can relate. The truth is that a life filled with worry and fear is such a burden to bear, and the weight can be crushing! But the good news? God never intended it to be this way!

The Lord does not want us worry. In fact, He commands us to be brave! And if God tells us to do something, He always makes a way for it to happen. If you feel suffocated by the weight of anxiety or worrisome thoughts, I have two comforting lessons to share with you today.

God showed me these powerful revelations as I was reading Matthew 16:5-12. Today we’re going to dive deeper into these verses and study two lessons for the worrier!

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