How to Honor God as a College Student


When I started college back in 2014, it was one of the scariest yet most exciting times of my life. I was hesitant about the whole experience, not sure what to expect. I painted a picture of what I thought it could be and what the next four years would look like, but it turned out to be so much different than what I had imagined.

Isn’t that how life usually works?

For me personally, I loved college and it was truly one of the best parts of my life thus far. There is so much to learn, not just academically— life lessons, emotional growth, and everything in between!

But to say college was easy or every moment was fun would be a lie.

I went to a medium-sized, four-year university. My college was located right outside of my hometown, so I didn’t get the “full college experience” as some would say because I lived with my parents and commuted to class. But it was the perfect type of experience for me.

The biggest area of growth for me when it came to college was in my faith. God grew me in some many areas and my relationship with Him is stronger now than ever because of the things I faced in those four years.

During your time in college, whether you’re about to start as a freshman or going back as an upperclassmen, I encourage you to strive to honor God in all that you do. There will be many temptations and opportunities to stray from your faith, but if you make a point to use this time as a time to grow closer to God than to grow apart from Him then I know He will do amazing things during this time in your life.

Honoring God in college isn’t always the easiest or coolest choice, but I’ve detailed below my top 10 ways to honor God as a college student!


1. Be a Light

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give to any college student is to just be yourself. I personally think it’s easier to do this in college versus high school because of the plethora of people you’ll meet. There are so many different styles, cultures, interests, and backgrounds represented on a college campus that no one is really weird for being different.

Because of this, it’s much less intimidating to stay true to your Christian faith. Don’t be afraid to shine your light, even when others aren’t onboard! Letting others see Jesus through you by sharing His love and truth is the best way to honor God in college.

2. Avoid the Party Lifestyle

We all know that college has a bad rep for excessive partying. It’s very easy to access alcohol and drugs, as well as be invited to parties on any given weekend. This type of thing can seem very fun, especially if you haven’t participated in it before, and can seem like something you’re just supposed to do because you’re in college.

But as Christians, we know the Bible is very clear on this topic. To say that I never went out and drank with friends wouldn’t be truthful. I’ve definitely given into that lifestyle a time or two. Which is why I want to include it in this list. Because what I found was there was always regret and always a lack of wholeness. The Holy Spirit would always tug at my heart and convict me.

Whether you choose to abstain from alcohol altogether would be a personal choice between you and the Lord, but excessive drinking and drunkenness never honors God and only hurts yourself in the long run.

3. Connect with Fellow Christians

A great way to keep God at the forefront of your life while in college is to surround yourself with good Christian influence. Try connecting with fellow Christian students and make friends with other Christ-followers.

You’ll be able to encourage each other, pray for each other, and offer Godly advice throughout your college journey.


4. Get Plugged into a Local Church

A great way to meet those Christian friends is to get plugged into a local church! If you’re commuting to college from home, then you’ll probably already be going to your regular church, but if you’ve moved away then make an effort to find a new church home. Some campuses even have an on-campus church or Christian student organization!

Check our your school’s website to find a list of clubs and organizations you can join.

5. Start a Christian Organization

If your campus doesn’t have one of these options, consider starting one yourself! What better way to honor God and spread His light on campus than to create a place where fellow Christians can come together and grow in their faith, as well as non-Christians can come to hear the Gospel.

This could be an official club or chapter of a national organization, or just a Bible study group you advertise with some homemade posters. Whatever brings people together for His glory!

6. Be Wary of the Fraternities or Sororities You Join

Joining a sorority or fraternity can be a great way to make new friends and feel part of a group when going into a new environment like college. But these types of organizations can also be filled with negative things like partying.

Greek life doesn’t have to be all about partying of course, but it’s important to do your research on the type of activities the organizations on your campus participate in. You can usually find this type of thing out from other students who’ve been around a while.

If you want to join a fraternity or sorority make sure to pray over your decision and do your research!


7. Share Your Faith

Whether you want to or not, you’ll be coming in contact with a lot of new people in college! From class project partners to fellow club members, to study buddies and people you meet at the food court, people from all walks of life will be coming across your path. This is the perfect opportunity to share Jesus!

Be bold with your faith and share the Gospel with your new friends. Invite them to church or let them borrow your favorite faith-based book— whatever God may lead you to do to spread His love.

8. Take Care of Your Body

This may seem unrelated, but the Bible tells us that our body is a temple. God gave us this one physical body, and He wants you to treat it like the Child of God you are.

It’s so easy to eat unhealthy foods, skip physical activity, and not make time for self-care when you’re adjusting to the new college lifestyle. Make it a point to continue taking care of yourself and honor God with your body in this way.


9. Make Time for the Lord

Similar to the previous tip, it can be easy to fall out of a good quiet time routine or stop making time for church when in college. After all, there are 8:00 a.m. classes, club meetings, biology labs, and new friends to hang out with!

But if you pick a time in each day to have a quiet time— even if you have to fit it in during your lunch time, between study sessions, or at night before bed— choosing to spending time in the Word and in prayer despite your busy schedule is a great way to honor the Lord with your time!

10. Date in a Godly Way

College can be a great time to meet new people and explore romantic relationships. If you’re living away from your parents, it can be really easy to break some physical (and emotional) boundaries that you otherwise wouldn’t have broken. And even if you aren’t living away from your parents, you probably still have a lot more freedom than you did before. You’re an adult now after all!

Make a commitment to the Lord and to yourself to follow Godly dating principles. Setting these guidelines before even going on a date or meeting someone new can help you to stay true to your faith and honor God with your heart and body in your relationships!


Starting college, whether it’s a four-year university or a two-year community college, is no doubt a huge adjustment and big step in any student’s life. You’re moving on from your childhood years and into a new phase of life that is like nothing else you’ll ever experience!

Enjoy it while you can and make the most of every moment, but be sure to ask yourself along the way if every decision you’re making pleases the Lord.

If you can do that, as well as follow my ten tips above, then you’ll be on your way to honoring God as a college student!

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