5 Encouraging Christian Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow NOW!


It’s true that a lot of our time nowadays is spent on social media. Between keeping up with friends and our favorite celebrities, as well as posting about our own lives, our eyes can constantly stay glued to the screen.

This can be a blessing and a curse, am I right?!

On one hand, it’s fun to stay connected and be in the know. But it can also waste a lot of time and cause us to get some pretty unhealthy thoughts in our heads!

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through an influencer’s page wishing you were like her? Desiring her clothes, her lifestyle, and her looks?

As a blogger, I all too often stumble upon Instagram profiles with amazing photos and think, “Wow, I’ll never be as successful as them.”

Comparison sneaks up on me before I’ve even scrolled past the second photo!

Before I know it, I’ve gone down a rabbit hole of self-doubt and discouragement, feeling further from God.

So what do we do? Delete social media altogether? Well, that’s not such a bad idea. But if you’re not feeling led to do something so extreme, there is a way to scroll the Gram in a positive way.

Replace what’s bringing you further from God with something that will help you grow closer to God!

This is why I LOVE following Christian Instagram accounts! They fill my feed with daily encouragement, challenges, and uplifting content that helps keep my mind focused on the Lord!

Below, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites and exactly why I think you need to follow them now!



Jordan is one of the first Christian bloggers/writers/teachers/businesswomen (seriously the girl does EVERYTHING) that I ever began following, and let me tell ya… She’s awesome!

She’s goofy, fun, relatable and a strong woman of God that never ceases to put a smile on my face and a fire in my heart for the Lord.

Her posts are inspiring, encouraging, and so helpful! It’s crazy how much her writing has benefitted me.

She’s the creator of the Christian blog and community called SoulScripts, the author of quite a few devotionals (check out my favorite one HERE), and even has a podcast and published book coming out soon! Despite all the successes under her belt, she’s still as down-to-earth and relatable as ever.


Founded by Australian writer and YouTuber Elise Hodge, I absolutely adore this ministry! It’s based on helping women be a light to the world by finding their God-chosen purpose and living it out everyday. What an amazing message!

I love the inspirational (and absolutely beautiful!!) photos on this page, as well as Elise’s dedication to fulfilling God’s will for her life. She also has written a couple of e-devotionals, as well as courses to help you in your walk. Her lovely and genuine personality makes you feel like she’s a close friend.


I love this account not only for the encouraging posts, but also the aesthetic! Tiffany takes beautiful photos and can make anyone’s feed look brighter!

Just a few scrolls down her profile and you’ll see someone that’s not only dedicated to spreading God’s love and truth, but also to creating inspiring visual content as well!

I recommend this page to blogging Christians who need some inspiration for their work, as well as non-blogging Christians who need some inspiration for their heart. Visiting Tiffany’s Instagram page and blog always puts a smile on my face!


Carli is one I’ve followed since the beginning of starting my own Instagram page, and I’ve always admired her heart for the Lord!

As far as I can see, she doesn’t have a blog or any type of platform off of Instagram and looks to just be sharing the love of God and His encouragement through her social media. How awesome!

Her pictures are pretty, she’s so cute and fun, and I’ve throughly enjoyed her captions and constant inspiration on my feed! Check her out!


This ministry was founded by two “buds” Shan and Ash, and they are doing some awesome stuff for the kingdom! With offerings like an impressive newsletter, a magazine subscription, beautifully designed merchandise, and even a CONFERENCE… these girls are using their amazing talents for the glory of God.

Their posts are sure to encourage you, bring you closer to God, and add some color to your Insta app. The Bud Co. is one you can’t miss. Do your feed a favor and follow them now!

I hope you’ll take advantage of the Godly encouragement and inspiration all of these ladies have to offer! It’s time to stop letting the devil use social media to cloud our minds, hold us back, and drag us away from the Lord.

I’m vowing to fill my feed with beneficial posts and Christian community! Are you with me?

Yours In Christ,


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