4 Bullet Journal Spreads to Grow Your Faith


When it comes to my faith, I love to incorporate it into every part of my life— even the small things! Making posts about it on social media, using room decor adorned with bible verses, a faith-inspired wallpaper for my phone, and more!

I think it’s so important to remember the Lord in even the seemingly unimportant things in life. Not only as worship to Him, but also as extra encouragement and chances to grow in our faith!

One of the recent areas that I’ve started incorporating my walk with the Lord is my bullet journal.

If you’re creative and organized like me, bullet journaling is the perfect artistic outlet that also serves a very practical purpose! There are so many different ways to use a bullet journal through various page layouts called “spreads.”

Some very popular spreads you may find are mood and habit trackers, meal planning, monthly and weekly calendar layouts, and budgeting tools. I don’t know about you, but I love searching Pinterest for new spreads and designs to try out!

A few months ago, after I really got the hang of using my bullet journal, I started to wonder how I could use it in my daily walk with the Lord. There weren’t many faith-based layout ideas on the Internet, so I came up with 4 different spreads of my own that have helped me focus my attention on God, use my creative passion to glorify Him, and ultimately help me grow in my Christian walk!

Let’s dive in to them below!

Bible Verses

One of the most simple Christian bullet journal ideas is to incorporate bible verses into your monthly and weekly calendar layouts!

For each layout, I love coming up with a different color scheme and design theme! To make it easier and faster, I use the same type of layout from week-to-week, but just change up those elements. As you can see below, I leave a spot for a bible verse on each weekly spread and just fill it in with whatever type of encouragement I’m needing at that point in time!

It’s also great if you’re trying to memorize a certain verse. You can read the verse and remember its truth every time you go to check your planner.


Prayer Requests

This certain spread is for when you’re praying for guidance about which path to take. A few months ago I was torn on 2 different job paths to pursue. I wanted to follow God’s plan for my life, but wasn’t sure yet where He was leading.

Putting down your specific questions and the details of the different options on paper can really help get everything straight in your heart and mind when you go to pray about it!

I write down the main subject of the prayer request, the specific option(s) I’m asking guidance about, and then a prayer! You can always add more information about your particular situation if you need extra help in getting your thoughts and requests organized.

Another reason I love this method is because it makes it easy to keep up with how God has moved in your life. When the prayer is answered, I can record that on the page. It’s great being able to go back to remember what you were going through in the past and see the physical proof of how the Lord provided!

If you’re not praying about two different things, no worries! Just add or subtract the boxes under “options” to accommodate to your specific situation.

If you’re not praying about two different things, no worries! Just add or subtract the boxes under “options” to accommodate to your specific situation.


Prayer List

I know a big problem for me is remembering what to pray about when I sit down in prayer time. I think a lot of times as Christians we get asked by friends and family for prayer. But by the time we go to pray again, we’ve forgotten all about their request. This is really upsetting to think about!

So I began making a physical prayer list and writing down other’s requests as soon as they asked me. This list can also include things that people don’t specifically tell you about (for example, if you just see a need in someone’s life) or things going on with yourself in your own personal struggles.

Be specific and write down exact names and situations, so you can remember to pray for them with intentionality! I promise this will change how you talk to God in the best way and really transform how you look at prayer! It also gives you a great outline to follow when you’re praying in order to limit distractions and prevent your mind from wandering off in thought.

I also love placing a checkmark by the prayer request when it’s been answered. What a great way to keep up with how God is moving in our lives!


Turning Lies Into Truth Diagram

This spread is one of my absolute favorites! We all deal with fears (especially if you struggle with anxiety like me!) However, we know that fear doesn’t come from God. Even with this great truth, it can be hard to combat the battles of the enemy and believe what God tells us.

One of the best ways to ward off the lies of Satan is to remind ourselves of God’s truths. As soon as a thought of fear, anxiety, or doubt comes into our mind, we should replace it with what the Bible says instead. This works amazingly! However, it can take some time to train our minds to do this.

This bullet journal spread is an effective way to get our brains familiar with replacing the devil’s lies with the Lord’s truths! Start by making a simple chart, like below, and listing all of your fears, anxieties, and negative thoughts under “LIES.” Then, directly across from the lie, write out a Bible verse that contradicts that statement.

This may require some researching and digging into the Word, which is exactly where we need to be when anxiety creeps in! The whole process of creating the chart, looking up Bible verses, reading over the truths, and then coming back to them time and time again is what really trains our brains to think like the Lord and destroy Satan’s attacks for good!

I've wrote out a couple of example “LIES” and “TRUTHS” below to show you how to use this spread correctly.


I hope these spread examples have given you some great ideas to add to your bullet journal! It’s so important to incorporate God into all aspects of our life, even the small things. I promise if you do, you’ll feel His presence and guidance greater than ever before!

Yours In Christ,


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