4 Best Tips for Balancing School and Your Relationship with God


Life as a student can be super busy! Whether you’re in high school or college, student life is filled with an endless to-do list. From homework to projects, club meetings to hanging out with friends, even after-school jobs and sport practices, your free time can be limited.

Because of this, it can be hard to nurture your relationship with God. As a Christian student, the Lord wants you to do your very best at whatever you’re doing— studying, volunteering, playing a sport, anything and everything. However, He never wants you to put all of these things before spending time with Him.

So how can you as a student prioritize all of your responsibilities while also making time for Jesus?

Here are my four best tips on how to balance school and your relationship with God! Check them out below!


1. Create a Quiet Time Routine and Stick to It

In order to spend time with God, you need a quiet time routine. This could include reading your favorite devotional book, studying the Bible, prayer, singing worship songs, journaling, or a combination of any of these things! I recommend at least reading a passage of Scripture from the Bible and saying a prayer everyday.

Find your favorite way to spend time with God, and then pick a time to do it.

Everyone’s schedule is a little different, as well as their preferences. Some like to wake up early and do their quiet time before heading to class. Others like to sleep in and spend time with God before bed. Or maybe you can fit yours in during your lunch time or before soccer practice. Whatever works for you is what you should do!

However, it does no good to assign a time for the Lord and not stick to it. You must be disciplined enough to honor the time you’ve planned each and everyday. Think of it as a doctor’s appointment or some other scheduled meeting. It’s official and serious, and something that should be treated as such.

If you wouldn’t miss SGA meeting or study group, then you shouldn’t miss your scheduled quiet time with God.

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2. Don’t Overload Your Schedule

Sometimes we put too much on our plate and completely stress ourselves out. When this happens, certain things fall to the bottom of our priority list, and more often than not that’s out quiet time with God. It’s easy to push to the side because there’s no obvious repercussions (unlike if you miss your chemistry class).

However, our time with God is actually the most important thing we can do, and in order to honor that time we shouldn’t fill up our schedule to the point of having no extra time.

This is a matter of boundaries, and respecting yourself enough to not put unnecessary stress on your shoulders, as well as respecting your relationship with the Lord enough to put Him first.

If you feel you’re overloaded with school activities, take a look at your schedule. Are there any clubs that you could miss out on this semester? Maybe a class you don’t really need to sign up for? Do what you need to in order to make time for the Lord.


3. Make Going to Church a Commitment

It can be really easy to want to sleep in on Sunday mornings after waking up for school all week. And it’s especially hard when we’ve hung out with our friends late on a Saturday night. But instead of pushing the snooze button, make it a priority to go to church.

If you want to strengthen your relationship with God, you will have to put in an effort. Don’t skip out on the things you know will help you grow closer to the Lord, like church.

And if you really don’t like going to Sunday morning church, find a Sunday night or Wednesday night church service. Making that commitment to be apart of a church family at least one time during the week is a great way to balance God and school!


4. Fit God into Your Everyday Routine

One of the best ways I like to keep God included in my day is to fit Him into my routine in seemingly small ways. This could look like a multitude of things:

  • Playing worship music in your car on the way to school

  • Praying in the shower or while you’re getting ready in the morning

  • Using a Bible verses as your phone wallpaper and reading it aloud or in your head when you look at your phone

These may seem like really small things, but even the tiniest recognition of the Lord is pleasing to Him! It’s a great way to keep your mind focused on God and your heart at peace throughout a busy day.


It’s no doubt that life as a high school or college student is busy! But there are always ways to fit God into your schedule. Are you making time for the Lord each day? Comment below and let me know your best tips for balancing school and your relationship with God.

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