15 Day Self Care Challenge


This fall season has been a time of growth for me. Because of this, I’ve realized that a huge part of personal growth includes self-care!

Self-care has gotten a lot of recognition lately and, as Christians, I think it’s important for us to recognize the importance of it. However, we need to do it in the right way.

Changing your routine to revolve all around us and our needs is definitely not what followers of Jesus should be doing, even though that’s what a lot of the world would tell us.

We must learn to break through what the worldly view of self-care means, and figure out how God would want us to take care of ourselves.

As Christians, I think it’s important to have the right motives. Why are we trying to take better care of ourselves? So we can have enjoyment and only worry about us? Or so we can be better physically and mentally prepared to take on the tasks and path God has for us?

If we can look at our self-care routine as a way to better prepare our bodies for the work God has assigned us, as well as a way to refocus our minds on our relationship with Him, then I think incorporating self-care can be a very beneficial and necessary part of a Christian’s daily habits.

I’ve created a 15 day self-care challenge below that focuses not only on ourselves, but strengthening our relationship with the Lord and others in our lives! The challenge is meant to create healthy habits, so don’t only do each task for one day. Try to continue each task onto the next day (if applicable) and start participating in more fruitful activities in your day-to-day life!


If you decide to take part in this challenge, tag me on social media and include the hashtag #strongtowerselfcarechallenge. Share with your friends, and let’s create better habits together!


Day 1

Choose a devotional or passage of Scripture and commit to reading it every day.

You can find devotionals, as well as a guide on Bible study inside my free resource library! Get access now!

Day 2

Write out a prayer list and commit to praying it every day. Download my prayer guide for help!

Day 3

Create a healthy morning routine. This can help you wake up earlier, fit in some quick exercise, eat a more-rounded breakfast, find time to read the Word, or simply be less rushed. Whatever is needed to make your mornings more beneficial, you can use an organized and disciplined morning routine to meet that need!

Day 4

Create a healthy nighttime routine for better sleep. This is just as important as the morning routine. For inspiration, check out mine here and download my healthy nighttime routine checklist!

Day 5

Create a skincare routine. This doesn’t have to be fancy! The simplest version is only two steps: cleanser and moisturizer. But you can always add other products like toner and face masks for extra pampering if you want. Your skin will thank you!

Day 6

Cut out one unhealthy food. Remove at least one of the following from your diet: processed food, sodas, and excessively sugary desserts/snacks.

If you can’t quit cold-turkey, limit yourself to the weekend only. These foods slow us down, mess with our digestive tracks, and only do us harm. Our body is a temple, so we should take care of it!

Day 7

Try one new healthy food to replace the bad one. Ever tried greek yogurt? Almond milk? Sweet potatoes? You might be surprised! Get creative with a new healthy dish.

Day 8

Move more and incorporate some type of exercise into each day. This doesn’t have to be a long or strenuous workout. It can mean something as simple as taking a walk around your neighborhood in the evening, doing small exercises (crunches, arm lifts, etc.) in between studying, or finally giving yoga a try!

For easy and relaxing at-home yoga routines, I recommend Grace x Strength. This Christian-based yoga studio has wonderful videos that focus not only on strengthening and taking care of our bodies, but also keeping our hearts and minds focused on the Lord! Check out their YouTube channel HERE.

Day 9

Declutter your home (particularly the room where you spend the most time). Donate old clothes, organize your desk and bedside table, and throwaway useless items that are just taking up space.

Day 10

Light a candle or diffuse essential oils. It’s time to start actually using those candles you’ve been hoarding all over your house for “decoration.” Stop saving them and start enjoying them! Smell the scents you love and make your home a happy place.

If you want to invest in good-quality essential oils then I suggest those instead. And if you already have some, then start using them more often! Look up blends that help with what you’re feeling (stressed, discouraged, no-energy, etc.)

Day 11

Limit cellphone and social media use. Don’t look at your screen in the morning when you first get up, during family time, or an hour before bed.

Day 12

Vow to really put away work at the end of the day. No more checking emails, answering work calls, or excessive studying/homework late into the night! It’s important to set aside a time for our bodies and minds to rest. Plus, your friends and family need your undivided attention.

Day 13

Spend time with those who make you laugh. Schedule lunch with your best friend, make a date night with your boyfriend or husband, or take your kids to do something fun. Laughter decreases stress and makes for a happier soul!

Day 14

Say no to one unnecessary thing this week. It’s important to sometimes cut down on our busy schedules and learn to say no. Not everything should be an obligation or is beneficial to our mental and physical health. This could be as big as skipping the next girls’ night out, or as simple as not watching the next episode on Netflix.

Day 15

Start this challenge over! Don’t stop now. Vow to continue on until these acts become habits.

So, what do you think? Are you going to devote the next 15 days to creating healthier habits for your physical and mental self?

Yours In Christ,